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Airwolf Jan-Michael Vincent actor died at the age of 74

The actor died on February 10 – he was known as Airwolf in the 80s. Vincent, the 80s enthusiast known as “Airwolf” died in February after a heart attack. TMZ reported he had a cardiac arrest while a patient was at the North Carolina Hospital. He last worked in 2002, starring in the movie White Boy.

Jan-Michael Vincent is famous for his leading role in the US television show. However, Vincent struggled with life under the limelight and spent years battling drug and alcohol problems. It affected his work and he was famous for being fastidious, but producers were said to have tolerated his bad antics for his popularity.

The problems in his personal life became apparent when he was arrested on suspicion of growing marijuana indoors. Then there was a DUI arrest that showed he was pulling weeds, cocaine and alcohol. The battle with addictions caused him to have many health problems, and led to a near-fatal car accident that broke his neck and hurt chords.

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