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Already able to catch the Pokemon 4 Gen in Pokemon Go

A new Pokemon Go video trailer was released to celebrate the arrival of the 4 Pokemon Gen.

A new generation pokemon has appeared in pokemon go. In the latest update released by Nitatic last week, many new Pokemon were introduced in the Sinnoh area like: Diamond, Pearl and Platinum … now they have begun to appear in nature.

To celebrate the arrival of the 4th generation Pokemon, the developer has released a video trailer for the sparkling new Pokemon are added.
Like the teaser video released last week, this trailer has the appearance of a new Pokemon play in their natural habitat them.
You can see Piplup swimming in the Arctic Sea, Pikachu chasing a very cute rodent, Pachirisu wandering in a forest … See more details in the video trailer below.

Like the Pokemon Gen 3, Pokemon will be released in batches, so you won’t be able to catch all of them immediately. Gen 4 has added 107 Pokemon to the series and you can begin to find Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup in nature, along with some other Pokemon like Bidoof and Kricketot.

Gen 4 is also notable when introducing some new forms of evolution and development for many older Pokemon such as Electabuzz, Magmar, Tangela, Lickitung …

Pokemon Go Community Day event scheduled to take place on 21/10 here, Beldum Pokemon will be the focus as expected before. If the player has evolved it to the final form, Metagross, before the event ends, it will learn a new powerful Meteor Mash attack.


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