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Android emulator software on PC BlueStacks App Player 2019

Overview BlueStacks App Player

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  • Version:
  • Use:Free
  • Capacity:423.9 KB
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  • Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
BlueStacks App Player
BlueStacks App Player

BlueStacks App Player is the best free Android emulator software available today. With the new breakthrough BlueStacks version, users can freely play Android games, use the applications on the Android emulator on the computer screen in the most convenient and professional way.

The fastest mobile game platform on Earth

BlueStacks brings your gameplay to new heights. As a pioneering platform for mobile gaming on PC, BlueStacks continuously provides the fastest gaming experience with the most extensive enhancement options. Direct partnership of BlueStacks with more than 100 largest mobile game companies and investments from Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, Samsung and other leading technology companies have recognized BlueStacks as the best Android game platform. on the computer.

  • Play Android 7.1.2 game (Nougat).
  • Hyper-G graphics for stunning graphics quality.
  • Manage resources with AI to play games with low latency.

BlueStacks supports running Android apps and games on PC screens in the same tab format as on a web browser. What’s more interesting than playing Android games on a wide screen, comfortable chatting with Zalo , Viber , Skype … with friends. BlueStacks helps users to freely access and use any application on the huge Android app store right on their personal computers. This is the number one choice for those who love the cult titles on the Android platform.

Changes on BlueStacks 3
Just download the latest Bluestacks 3 with integrated Facebook Live to your computer, users can Live Stream mobile game playing directly to their personal Facebook account without installing any Live support application. Any other stream.

BlueStacks 3 is a completely new Android emulator and is the only game platform designed for gamers. Each pixel in BlueStacks 3 is specifically designed to provide the best gaming experience

BlueStacks 3 has been developed for years to be ready to support users like today. This emulator allows users to play Android games with the mouse and keyboard to compete in the game better. Users can play games in high resolution screens and use any application with BlueStacks 3.

Game center
Game center (App Center) allows you to search for the latest and popular games being played by other gamers. When you click on a game, you can see reviews, photos, summarize content and lots of other information about any game. App Center also saves your gaming habits to suggest appropriate games.

Gift center
Currently, BlueStacks is collaborating with leading developers to give players in-game gifts and offer promotions that cannot be found anywhere else. In the gift center, users can find special skins, characters, gold, jewels and lots of gifts in hundreds of other games.

BlueStacks Select program
BlueStacks Select is a developer-focused program. By the time developers like FunPlus or IGG join BlueStacks Select, gamers will receive exclusive gifts, content and other items directly from the developers of this game.

Communicate with friends via BlueStacks
Users can use BlueStacks 3’s integrated chat application to interact with other gamers in a completely new way. Users are allowed to use the Friends feature to plan strategies and progress in games at a faster rate. Users can connect with friends through Google contacts with Steam and Facebook will be supported soon.

The world’s leading gaming platform
When comparing BlueStacks 3 with other Android emulators , it is easy to see that BlueStacks 3 has the best features and performance. BlueStacks 3 is designed based on BlueStacks game platform using Hyper-G graphics application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow you to play games at the highest resolution and refresh rate (including 144 hz). ). This is something no other Android emulator matches.

Open multiple games and applications at the same time
On other Android emulators or phones, users can only use one application and one Google Play account. BlueStacks 3 has a feature called Multi-Instance that allows users to open multiple games and applications at the same time. That means you can play multiple accounts in Clash of Clans and lots of other games. You can simultaneously increase levels for multiple accounts or play multiple games at the same time on the same Google Play account .

Great environmental compatibility features
BlueStacks 3’s game engine is automatically adjusted so that it is compatible with the computer’s own specifications. Users will have the best performance settings in default mode and have the right to adjust these settings at any time. As a result, the games will run at the fastest and fastest speed. No other Android emulator can do this.

Automate everything
BlueStacks 3 will adjust the resolution and size of the games to best suit the computer automatically. This allows you to focus on gaming instead of spending time customizing complicated settings. BlueStacks will also save the user’s settings so as not to re-edit each game.

BlueStacks 2 supports Live Stream game on Facebook
When Stream directly becomes a necessity in life, allowing us to connect with the world in real time. The BlueStacks development team has found that there are many users who desire to deliver gameplay on BlueStacks via Twitch . They have partnered with Twitch to provide the best streaming capabilities for users on BlueStacks version 2 . On the other hand, stream settings have been simplified so that users can stream games with one click, making it easy to share their games with friends, family and millions of Twitch viewers in real time. .

BlueStacks 2 has integrated with Facebook Live to allow users to stream Mobile Games directly to their personal Facebook, to share with friends around the world. Until now, BlueStacks is the only Android emulator that has a built-in live stream feature that promises to please all Streaming game players.

BlueStacks’ latest Twitch game streaming feature 2

BlueStacks supports the Mac platform, if you are using a Mac, feel free to download BlueStacks for Mac for free to experience Android apps on the Mac OS.

BlueStacks integrates AppCast for BlueStacks , allowing users to sync apps between computers and Android to experience all that Android OS has. The biggest advantage of this emulator application is that users hardly have to configure and set up the Android SDK.

BlueStacks displays a number of preinstalled applications at the start of activation, and allows users to download Android applications directly from the Google Play app store. So now you enjoy playing games Temple Run, Boom Beach, Hay day … on your computer via BlueStacks the easiest way.

From the main interface to the application, as well as the same settings as on the Android device. If Kemulator is an excellent Java game emulator application, BlueStacks is considered to be the most excellent Android emulator software on the computer, loved and chosen by many people. If you do not like to use this application, you can refer to some other popular Android emulator applications are also: Nox APP Player or Droid4x .

In addition to the usual BlueStacks version, BlueStacks also launches a business version called Bluestacks for Enterprise . This version supports Enterprise users for packaging Android apps or games to run on Windows environments. Simply put, Bluestacks for Enterprise helps you pack APK files into BlueStacks and provide exe files to users to run on Windows.


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