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Ax: Alliance vs Empire for iOS – Review

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  • Release: Nexon
  • Version:1.0.0
  • Use:Free
  • Capacity:164.5 MB
  • Update day:
  • Requirements: iOS 9.x / 10.x / 11.x / 12.x

AxE: Alliance vs Empire for iOS is a massively multiplayer online role- playing game from Nexon – the popular MapleStory M and Darkness Rises iOS game developer. The game is built on a very sharp Unity 5 Vulkan Engine graphics, bringing players to massive massive battles.

Link to fight, team up and experience the most massive and attractive MMORPG battles ever on mobile devices with Ax: Alliance vs Empire for iOS .

Role-playing game AX: Alliance vs Empire iOS takes place in a mysterious fantasy-open world, where you get caught up in a fierce conflict between two factions that control the entire universe extremely powerful. The large-scale action RvR battles encourage you to search and join allies with players across the globe to fight together against common enemies.

Download AxE: Alliance vs Empire for iOS and play games with friends as well as millions of gamers worldwide with Single player mode, Co-op and competition mode inspired by online open world games Many players on PC and console. With a deep story, a range of attractive features and a lively open world, AxE for iOS brings players to the best gaming world on mobile.

AxE: Alliance vs Empire’s main feature for iOS

Large-scale competition mode
Experience the most competitive battles of the largest scale in real time on mobile. Choose your faction and role, team up and strategize with your friends to defeat your opponent to win rewards and loot materials.

Competitive mode and deep Co-op
Team up to fight side by side with friends and millions of other players around the globe. Join a variety of competition modes from small-scale, 4v4 to large-scale open world PvP. Or raid with friends to defeat the mighty dungeon bosses like giant dragons and monsters. Establish a guild and plan upcoming events using advanced team management, chat, and guild systems.

Attractive characters and stories
Enter a mysterious fantasy world and discover the conflict between Darkhaan Empire and the Galanos Alliance. Choose your faction and fight to gain control of rare and powerful relics, to unlock the power of the universe. Choose your path with many different tasks and contexts based on the decisions you make. And meet friends as well as confront unforgettable enemies on the way.

The open world is large and lively
Explore a vast and lively open world with countless locations, characters, quests, quests and loot – all filled with rich stories and histories. Enjoy the experience on 9 unique areas, from the deserted plain of Lakeside base to the sanctuary on Venyon Island.

Customize and develop characters
Choose from 6 different character classes including Titan, Blader, Archer, Warrior, Guardian and Mage of 2 factions. Customize and upgrade your character’s weapons, armor, abilities and other features to match your play style, as well as to defeat enemies. Apply your unique style to the character to create unique skills and abilities.

Physical mechanism and stunning graphics, console quality
Thanks to Unity 5 Vulkan Engine technology, Ax for iOS possesses a 3D graphics engine and console quality physical movement mechanism, providing super smooth control experience and fast, vivid real-time movement.

Retaliation and pursuit features

Control the battlefield – revenge on PvP opponents – those who have defeated you in the past.This novel system allows players to track, chase and take revenge on enemies in real time.


  • Recommended: iPhone 7 and above / iOS 9.0 or higher.
  • Minimum: iPhone7 / iOS 9.

Authorization request:

  • Optional rights do not affect gameplay.
  • Camera: Take a screenshot to help answer questions about customer service.
  • Photos: Attach a screenshot for customer service.
  • Microphone: Access Mic for voice chat.
  • Manage permissions: Settings> Privacy> select permissions.

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