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Fortnite Android plans to release on the Play Store

When Fortnite launched on Android, Epic Games decided not to bring their games to the Google Play Store because they didn’t want to give Google 30% of the revenue from buying virtual goods with real money in the game. Instead of downloading it directly from the Google Play Store, those who want to play Fortnite on their phones must go to the Epic Games homepage to download the installation. However, Epic Games recently has plans to bring Fortnite to the Google Play Store because of the reduced number of players and revenue. They even plan to ask Google to keep all the revenue from this game, not paying Google 30% of the revenue as all other app and game developers are doing.

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As for Google, they seem to disagree. A Google spokesperson said that Fortnite’s father did not beg Apple to retain all revenue but the game was still released on the App Store (because it was the only way for brothers to download the game to iOS devices). In addition, for games to be distributed through the Google Play Store, Google must check the security of the application, as well as conduct tests to make sure the application works well on supported devices. According to them, that’s why a 30% revenue share is essential.

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