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Download Apex Legends – Survival shooter with epic fantasy scenes – Free download

  • License: Free
  • Release:Electronic Arts
  • Size:60.5 MB
  • Windows 8

Apex Legends is an attractive survival shooter that is provided free for gamers to experience on devices like PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Apex Legends includes all familiar Battle royale mechanisms such as jumping down the map, picking up weapons and becoming the last survivor.

Apex Legends gamers can buy more costumes, weapons, character expressions to satisfy their eyesight. The battle will take place with 20 different teams, about 60 players in the fortress map and the manufacturer always insists that the game will be fair to everyone. While you can pay for items like that, it doesn’t have a lot of roles in confrontation.

Another interesting point in Apex Legends is that very few survival games are available even if your teammates are defeated, even if you cannot emergency but you can still revive them at any time on the map. play. This is also a feature that is supposed to create a connection between players and create a strong Apex Legends community.

If you want to experience Apex Legends on your computer, consider some configuration elements. The game requires minimal configuration with an Intel Core i3 6300 (AMD FX 4350) processor, 6 GB DDR3 RAM, VGA GTX 640 (AMD Radeon HD 7730) and a 22 GB blank HDD and the game was also released for free on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by EA.

In addition, you can refer to Hopeless Land, which is also a survival shooter game designed with realistic graphic images and massive weaponry with many attractive features that support both Vietnamese, Hopeless Land promises to become a serious competitor of the survival genre in the near future.



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