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Kingdom Hearts 3 – Game Review

Over the years, fans were waiting for Square Enix to release the sequel to the Kingdom Hearts series after their journey into the dreamy world of Kingdom Hearts 2. However, Square Enix produced “marginal” versions such as Coded, 358/2 Days, Birth by Sleep, 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue …

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Game Review
Kingdom Hearts 3 – Game Review

Finally, after 14 years of probation whole bunch of fans patience, Kingdom Hearts 3 has officially been launched. So, with such a long-awaited game, is Kingdom Hearts 3 worth it for us to look forward to?


Before entering the topic, we have to mention the developer of Kingdom Hearts 3 – Square Enix. Once a monument in the world made a Japanese JRPG game, but this giant has been losing his self.

Square Enix’s most recent games like Just Cause 4 were badly disparaged, Shadow of the Tomb Raider still retained its sales, Secret of Mana Remake destroyed a legend with a lot of errors, Now only Dragon Quest 11 still has some hope.

After a long period of time, the things that people remember about Square Enix only leave the impression of a bloody monument with the spawning of thousands of annual expansions, bringing old games to other platforms. with high prices, and vague charges in their online titles.

And now, Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out with so much anxiety from the community when it comes to the appearance of Square Enix rising to an alarming level.

However, contrary to the writers’ worries, Kingdom Hearts 3 is still a great game and carefully cared for. The game has smashed doubts about a “trick” 10 years after the name Final Fantasy XV.

With a short video of the events in the previous games and a few more power options, Kingdom Hearts 3 still follows the familiar storytelling from the previous two sections with funny, joking lines between The three main characters of the journey roam through the worlds. But right after the end of the “storytelling”, the game immediately takes you on an adventure to the world Olympus is threatened by Hades.

This time, you are no longer a free fighter in Olympus Coliseum to search for rewards, but officially become a hero to rescue the Greek world from the Titans who have just been freed from detention.

Kingdom Key, Olympus and a hero lost all strength, Kingdom Hearts 3 started with a move reminiscent gamers their memories from the previous games. Losing all Key Blade and learned skills, Sora must now walk from zero.

After completing the challenge in Olympus, our main story is revealed with the rise of the Real Organization XIII with the return of familiar villains such as Xehanort, Xemnas, Ansem … Journey rescue Aqua, Roxas … the truth about the seven light warriors, about the Keyblade battle … Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the bridge of the story and make everything more clear.

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Game Review
Kingdom Hearts 3 – Game Review

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a game connected to the previous section, it is not a picture like the writer expect that only the palm road connecting the old markings.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a very good game, but what the game shows is still not really satisfying. First is the game storyline, possessing a very long story, but almost Kingdom Hearts 3 only serves as a game that connects the previous parts, it is not a picture as the writer expected.

Kingdom Hearts 3 marks the return of one of the JRPG monuments, releasing a thirst after 14 years of waiting for players. Although still not really perfect and the knots still need a long way to troubleshoot, but by making themselves a path to help tie up, Kingdom Hearts 3 has done very well. A ticket to childhood, about the days of staring and immersing in fantasy adventures in the fantasy world, Kingdom Hearts 3 is the highlight of those dreaming worlds.

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