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6 Video Game Suggestions for Bored MacBook Owners

Video games on a MacBook might sound like a bit of a travesty to certain gamer demographics. For them, the idea of ever trying to play video games on macOS is ridiculous.

Such sentiments are understandable given the reputation MacBooks have in gaming communities. 

At the same time, things have changed. You do not really need a gaming PC or a gaming console if you want to enjoy video games as a MacBook owner.

Sure, running AAA video games on ultra settings is not feasible, but there are plenty of titles that run perfectly well on MacBooks, especially if you have a brand new model.

Even older models should be able to do the work. There might be issues related to hardware, storage, and battery, but you can find the reasons behind those and fix them. And when you do, playing video games on a Mac should be possible. What are your options for available titles? You can find suggestions below.


Battle Royale games might have passed their golden age, but there are still plenty of people who like them.

Fortnite, despite its graphics, is one of the best BR games in the market. The first few games might feel a bit underwhelming, particularly if you are someone who needs time to get used to the graphics and game mechanics. However, once you get the basics down, you should start to enjoy the game.

Farming Simulator

Simulator games are not for everyone, but you might be interested in a particular real-life hobby that you cannot do due to various restrictions, such as your location or the lack of skills.

Farming Simulator is a great example of such an activity. Getting into the agriculture industry via a virtual environment is a great way to compensate for what you are missing. And even if you are not interested in farming, you might still find more enjoyment in this game than you expected.


A challenging video game might not be on your radar, but if you feel like most of what you are playing right now is not giving you enough difficulties, try Cuphead.

There is not a single boss in this game that you can call easy. If anything, even weaker enemies put up a challenge, particularly those who have complicated mechanics. It takes time to figure out how the game works, but that is to be expected, given the nature of it.

One final thing to note about Cuphead. Do not get distracted by its graphics. The old cartoony vibe does not represent the difficulty. If anything, it is a diversion from how hard the game is.


Hades, similar to Cuphead, is also an Indie game, which works in favor of those who do not want to worry about potential graphics problems and performance issues. 

The game itself is a great representation of Greek mythology, though the focus is on the Underworld. 

You play as Zagreus, the main protagonist of the story, trying to escape the depths of hell. As you journey on, you upgrade your character, interact with characters and get to know them, and learn new abilities.

Writing, soundtrack, character interactions, combat, replayability, and other aspects of Hades makes the video game one of the best in its genre. There are plenty of reasons why many dubbed this title as the best video game released in 2020. It would be a waste not to try it.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Shooter games are still as popular as ever, and CS: GO is arguably the most popular of them all. The franchise has been around for ages, and it is nice to see Valve giving one of their best titles so much attention, content, and update-wise.

Whether you are looking for competitive play or something to do for fun, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a great choice. If you want, you can even play the deathmatch mode that will let you respawn as soon as you die, and this particular game mode has no gun restrictions.

Civilization VI

Strategy games might be too slow for some people, particularly if they are turn-based, but there is a demographic that enjoys this genre more than any other.

At the moment, it is difficult to think of a better turn-based strategy game than Civilization VI. Sure, it has been more than a few years since its initial release date, but the game developers keep things fresh with new updates and expansions. 

There are rumors that the next installment in the franchise is around the corner, but you should be fine with playing Civilization VI for now.


As you can see, there are plenty of different video games that you can try on a MacBook. And if you want even more suggestions, you can always keep an eye on the latest gaming news and video game releases. Check whether a game is compatible with macOS and decide whether you want to try it or not.

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