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Sony’s Reluctance Impacts Minecraft’s Native Version on PlayStation 5, Says Xbox Boss

In a surprising turn of events revealed during the ongoing Microsoft FTC trial, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has laid blame on Sony for the absence of a native PlayStation 5 (PS5) version of the immensely popular game, Minecraft. Spencer disclosed that Sony was hesitant to provide Microsoft with early access to PS5 development kits before the console’s launch in 2020. This decision, according to him, placed Microsoft at a significant disadvantage compared to other developers. This article delves into the repercussions of Sony’s reluctance and the wider implications it holds for the gaming industry. Additionally, we explore the absence of an optimized version of Minecraft for the Xbox Series X|S and its impact on the competitive landscape between the two platforms.

Sony’s Reluctance Hinders Minecraft on PS5

During the Microsoft FTC trial, Phil Spencer expressed his disappointment regarding Sony’s hesitance in supplying Microsoft with PS5 development kits ahead of the console’s launch. While other developers received the kits in a timely manner, Microsoft found itself at a disadvantage due to Sony’s reluctance. As a result, a native version of Minecraft for the PS5 is currently unavailable.

It is important to note that players can still enjoy Minecraft on the PS5 through the PlayStation 4 version. Consequently, PlayStation users have not been entirely excluded from the Minecraft ecosystem this generation. Nonetheless, the absence of a native version raises concerns about fully utilizing the capabilities of the PS5.

Xbox Series X|S and Minecraft Optimization

Industry experts have noted that the Xbox Series X|S does not possess its own optimized version of Minecraft, leveling the playing field between the two platforms. While this may alleviate the discrepancy, it raises questions about harnessing the full potential of the Xbox Series X|S.

Microsoft’s Approach to Minecraft’s Success

In response to the FTC’s argument that Microsoft had ample time—three years since the PS5’s launch—to develop a native version of Minecraft for the platform, Phil Spencer emphasized that Xbox has been exploring avenues to maximize the success of Minecraft as a whole. This includes taking into consideration various factors and potential strategies. While the absence of a native PS5 version may disappoint players, it is crucial to understand Microsoft’s broader perspective and the complexities involved in game development.

Minecraft Dungeons: A Potential PC-Only Title

The trial proceedings also shed light on Minecraft Dungeons, revealing that it was initially considered as a potential PC-only title. However, the game ultimately shipped on all platforms, including consoles. This insight into the decision-making process highlights the dynamic nature of game development and how titles can evolve during their production.

Unveiling the Inner Workings of the Video Game Industry

The Microsoft FTC trial provides a rare opportunity to glimpse the typically concealed inner workings of the video game industry. From revelations about the possibility of Starfield bypassing the Xbox platform prior to Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda to the challenges faced by developers in obtaining timely access to development kits, these proceedings offer valuable insights into the intricacies and complexities of the gaming ecosystem.


Sony’s reluctance to provide Microsoft with early access to PS5 development kits has resulted in the absence of a native Minecraft version on the platform, leaving Xbox players disappointed. However, Minecraft remains accessible on the PS5 through the PlayStation 4 version. The trial has also raised questions about optimizing Minecraft for the Xbox Series X|S, placing both consoles on a level playing field. As the trial continues to unveil industry insights, gamers eagerly anticipate future developments that may shape the gaming landscape.

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