Hive Work Make money at home by doing online tasks 2019

I would like to introduce to you a site for making money (make money online) at home with Hive Work ( Your tasks are like drawing up to 3 boxes around titles or drawing up to 3 boxes around the paragraphs and you will get $ 3 for each job.

You can choose the minimum amount to withdraw is 2 $ via Paypal account.

If you get acquainted, you can absolutely reach $ 1.5 / hour.

Instructions for registering an account

Step1 : Click here to access the Hive Work page (

Step2: Click Start earning from home today

hive work, make money

Click Start earning from home today

Step3: Fill out your information. Click on button create account to make money online.

Step4: Check your email. Click button verify email.

Step5: Chose the limit of pay out. You can set to 2$ USD.

Step6: You go to the Job section to see the jobs it requires and the level of payment for you:

Comment about hive work, make money online by doing online task:

Detailed instructions are included in each of your tasks. The results will be displayed immediately for you to know. There is also a visual video tutorial for you. You will easily understand and understand the principles of problems to avoid when doing tasks.

You will earn 3$ when you complete 1000 tasks. When you reach the payment threshold of 2$ you can withdraw your Paypal money.

After you complete your task there will be statistics on the number of tasks you have done, the number of tasks you have not done yet.


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