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Larva Heroes: Lavengers for iOS 1.1

Larva Heroes

Larva Heroes

Overview Larva Heroes

Your mission in the game Larva Heroes: Lavengers is to help two yellow and red larvae chase enemies from the black gate, protect New York City!

Larva Heroes Lavengers
Larva Heroes Lavengers

If you are a fan of the funny cartoon series Larva (Larva) surely you are no stranger to the two larvae named Red and Yellow living in the sewers in New York City, playing every day, playing pranks. each other and scramble for food. Now, they are returning with a new mission in the game Larva Heroes: Lavengers!

Larva Heroes Lavengers

One day, they discovered all the sausages – Larva’s favorite food – that they had stored for a long time were stolen by enemies. Extremely angry, Red and Yellow determined to destroy them and reclaim all their food.

You can choose to play Red, Yellow and summon courageous friends such as scarab, monster fish, pink larvae … and start joining the fight. Each character has different characteristics and abilities.

Salient features of the game Larva Heroes: Lavengers for iOS

Larva Heroes
Larva Heroes

Choose favorite hero characters including Red, Yellow, Super Yellow, Wizard Brown, Black Night, Rainbow Warrior.
You can buy up to 10 heroic friends to fight, including Yellow, Red, Super yellow, Mask red, Cyborg red, Steel red, Viking red, Ninja red, Kung-fu red, Zorro red.
Enjoy 360 attractive gameplay, divided by different difficulty levels. At first you should try the easy levels and then progress to conquer the Expert or Master mode, Master.

How to play the game Larva Heroes Lavengers
Move, attack from side to side.
Deploy units and skills by tapping the screen.
Put the right defensive unit and strategy.
The location of the battles is the most important.
Get rewarded

If you complete the game stage mode, you can get a Captain Jack coupon. In addition, players can receive gold, items, magic candy through Fortune Cookie.

Hero transformation system
Your hero can transform into a strong hero and use the Mighty Hero skill, creating an opportunity to counterattack in critical situations.

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