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Pokémon Café Mix for PC

Overview about Pokémon Café Mix

Pokemon Café Mix is a free puzzle game combining management of a new cafe developed by Nintendo specifically for the Nintendo Switch system, bringing together the Pokemon designed in a cute Chibi style.

Mix it up with Pokémon Café Mix! - YouTube

In the Pokémon Café Mix simulation game, your task is to complete puzzles to serve food and drinks to lovely Pokémon customers, as well as build your own cafe! Try to complete every goal for each level before the end of the turn, link the same icons, get high scores to serve menu items themed Pokémon.

Pokemon Cafe Mix Gameplay - YouTube

During the puzzle process to build a world-class cafe, you will face obstacles such as sugar cubes, ice cream dolls and tomatoes. Use your puzzle skills to eliminate them and use the help of Café Skills!

Moreover, each Pokémon employee has a unique skill, combine these skills with the food or drink you are making to receive a bonus. In addition to recruiting more Pokémon staff and developing a collection of menu items, the cafe will gradually expand as you advance to higher levels. Adding new tools or new areas will help attract more customers.

Pokémon Café Mix - Nivel 78 - YouTube


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