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Is Pokemon Sword and Shield correct when cutting Pokedex?

Overview Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield is the first version of the Pokemon game series that does not allow its fans to meet all the Pokemon of the previous generation, this is also what makes the game rated by many people as not good. But doing so brings much better to this game.

The first good point that can be seen when the game has fewer pokemon is that completing the Pokedex becomes much more feasible. In fact, most players have been influenced by the sologan from the early days of the game being “Gotta catch‘ em all. “So they usually only focus on catching as many pokemon as possible.
But then most of them gave up halfway because the number of catches was too large.

Is Pokemon Sword and Shield correct when cutting Pokedex?

The second good thing we can see is that the player will have to get acquainted with the newly appeared pokemon rather than just struggling with the old pokemon. From there they will discover new ways to enjoy their favorite game.

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Finally, the smaller number of Pokemon reduces the workload of Game Freak to solve (this is also the reason why many gamers call them lazy people when they do not bring the Pokemon building into the new game). From there they can focus on creating new things for the game line that is supposed to be in this path. In Sword and Shield, we can see that the company has built a great ecosystem with properly allocated pokemon, adding many new mechanisms such as Gigantamax and camping, cooking systems that make the game become So much more lively.

What we need to do is accept those new changes to enable game publishers to create good quality products. Maybe you disagree with Iocloud, but the Pokemon game series is still loyal to its core values, but the game must be changed to help you have a better new experience.


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