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Overview Dragon City for PC

Dragon City is a form of game to build Dragon City, players will freely create their own Dragon City with brilliant graphics and familiar simulation gameplay.

Join the hottest broad training and collect lots of adorable fire-breathing dragons! Train them to your liking, develop your collection and function your strength through the world famous Dragon Master game.

In addition to iOS and Android, you can now play Dragon City on Windows. Experience the game on any device and take the baby dragon to travel everywhere with you. Download Dragon City for free. However, you can purchase additional pack items with real money.

Feature Dragon City game for computers
Complete the Dragon Book. There are over 1,000 species of dragons to crossbreed and collect.
New dragons will enter the game every week through hybrid events and on special islands.
Challenge yourself in the Dragon Quest quest series and fight dragon battles of other gamers in the PvP arena. The rewards are extremely rare dragons, chests containing treasures and promotions on the Leaderboard.
Recruit dragons at the Tree of Life and try out their skills.
Unlock advanced features like Ancient World and Guardian Dragons.
Join an alliance with other gamers, chat and open the Alliance Chest after each win.
Log in to Windows to save games and play games synchronized on any device. This way, you can bring your dragon collection everywhere.

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With the Dragon City Dragon City mobile version, players will be constrained in tight spaces, but if you experience the game on a Laptop, you will be able to freely explore and manage the dragon city on the big screen. Players will combine mouse and keyboard to build a diverse dragon city, where convergence of the strongest dragon fighters, ready for confrontation across the continent.

Immersive nature is shown through the fight against the sacred dragon of the two sides. Dragon City Online Game is the hottest dragon farming game in the world with many challenges for you to prove your fighting skills and abilities!

Dragon City Commercial - YouTube

Do not forget to combine your strength with other powerful battle dragons to form an alliance, interact with each other through the chat system and receive rewards from the Alliance Chest.

The combination of fire, nature, fighting or legendary dragons and many other fighting dragons has created a new dragon breed, helping you expand the collection of dragon warriors. You can also earn rare dragons through in-game events.

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