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Werewolf Online on PC 2020

Werewolf Online

Werewolf Online

About Werewolf Online

Right now, you can play Werewolf Online on PC via Android emulator with great graphics, sound and performance. This is the game Ghost Wolf online completely free on PC.

Defend your village from evil characters or become a werewolf and hunt down your own friends in Werewolf Online PC game. Join mystery games, fight for your teammates and find the liar on our own team.

Download Werewolf Online PC to enter a multiplayer role-playing game, up to 16 players. Each turn will have different teams such as villagers or werewolves, fighting to become the last team to survive. Use special abilities to figure out the other person’s role and convince them of your side.

How to play Werewolf is quite simple. Each turn will have a maximum of 16 people divided into 3 factions: Villagers, Wolves or Monsters. You will be in one of these three teams, using your judgment and logical thinking to find the roles of your team members.

Game Features Werewolf Online
Play online with friends.
Play online with gamers around the world.
Create and customize avatars.
Send roses to loved ones.
Participate in competitive games.
Unlock unique items for game play.

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