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Droid4X – Android emulator software on PC

  • Release:
  • Use:Free
  • Capacity:9.3 MB
  • Update day:
  • Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

Droid4X is an Android emulator software on the best and lightest Windows computer today, Droid 4X allows users to play games or use Android applications on a large-screen PC.  The main advantage of Droid4X is that it allows even weakly configured computers to install and use the Android emulator. Because of this greatest advantage, Droid 4X is increasingly popular and used by many users.

Droi4X is a famous name in Android emulator software. Many users rated Droid 4X higher than BlueStacks 3 because of its convenience, lightness and ease of use. Droid4X does not require high configuration, no additional third-party software is required to run Android applications. If you are a fan of this operating system, you should not ignore the latest Droid4X version.

Main features of Droid4X

  • Emulate Android on a computer that allows playing games, using apps without jailbreaking the device.
  • Ability to take pictures, record screen movies when playing games.
  • Support full screen mode.
  • Support remote control.

Some major changes in the new Droid4X

  • Fixed an error that could not log in the software.
  • Optimized for compatibility with some games.
  • Droid4X has changed the icon color and main interface, instead of the blue as before, the logo and the interface of the application have been red.
  • Improved performance, for better loading speed.
  • Fixed some other errors.

Run application, Android game on PC with Droid4X
Droid4X is a versatile Android emulator, allowing you to experience all content from CH Play on your computer, including video games like Clash of Clans or Subway Surfers to cool apps like Kitchen Stories or Tubemate.

The operating system for Droid4X is based on Android 4.2.2 platform, so it can run most Android apps and games on computers. This is a fairly popular operating system and is close to the majority of Android users.

On Droid4X, you can record video game screen, set image quality … The only downside is that the photo or video taken from Droid4X will be closed with the copyright logo.

One of the interesting options of Droid4X is its powerful customization. With each Android application running on Droid4X , you can create your own control to be simpler and more intuitive. In less than 1 minute, users have set up a keyboard or gamepad to facilitate their experience and gaming! Droid 4X is a great Android emulator for you to enjoy thousands of applications and games on smartphones right on your Laptop.

The process of downloading Droid4X and installation is quite easy and fast. Immediately after installing Droid4X, there will be a quick tutorial on some icons on the application in seconds.

Next you can access the Google Play Store , find the games and applications you want to download and install as you use your Android phone.

In addition, you also have the ability to capture photos or simulate GPS applications, as well as browse favorite websites as if working on a real mobile device.

A very nice feature of Droid4X Full more is that you can set up to record video when playing games or using Android apps with HD quality.

Droid4X: Simple, lightweight and intuitive Android emulator
In contrast to many other Android emulator software, Droid4X is a clear and easy-to-understand emulator program. The interface is seamless to the PC and doesn’t make much trouble for new users. You can choose to link to your Google Play account or install the APK file directly – by downloading the APK file from the integrated browser in the emulator or drag and drop the file from the computer screen to Droid4X – All is very easily!

The new game is always updated quickly on Droid4X like Clash Royale or Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 … Users can set screen resolution and ppi so that the quality of the graphics on the game screen matches the structure. computer picture.

Playing Android games with Droid4X emulator is also very simple. You can use the mouse directly to click or use the virtual controller on the keyboard according to previous settings. For example, if the game uses a virtual controller, you can replace it with the virtual arrow key controlled by the WASD key combination on the keyboard, on the control panel or an external Android device. For touchscreen computers, gaming will be like an Android phone experience.

Not only that, Droid4X also allows you to customize the type of simulator, which is to choose the number of virtualized processors or redundant RAM … This feature is suitable for you to play heavy games (such as 3D graphics game ) on low profile computers.

It can be said that Droid4X is the optimal emulator for gamers. Most features on Droid4X are geared towards the Android gaming experience on computers, from graphics to audio and other configuration settings.

Droid4X is a good solution for users who want to experience Android apps on their computers. Not too heavy, good feedback and completely free, it can be a good replacement for BlueStacks . Download Droid4X and enjoy your favorite games right away.

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