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Everything about Nintendo Switch before the launch date

Some of the initial reviews and experiences shared some of Nintendo Switch’s problems through actual use.

This section will share information about hardware, software and the interface and features of the system.


Before we talk about software, we will recall the hardware of the Switch. The console has a 6.2-inch screen and two Joy-Con hands can be mounted on either side of the device. Users can also attach to the grip to get the hand press with a more traditional form.

To play a game with a TV, the player can attach the device to the included dock and connect to the TV screen via HDMI port. This is called TV mode. When attached to the dock, the screen on the Switch will not display anymore, but will only output to the TV.

The switch does not support bluetooth headsets, which is a bit unfortunate while the device can use a standalone monitor with a separate click.

Joy-Con’s hand

As shown above, you can see that Joy-Con is the main controller of the Switch, with lots of features. In addition to other conventional knobs, both Joy-Con hands have gyroscopes and accelerometer sensors for touch control, NFC to read Amiibo and vibration motor sets. Feel like the handle of other systems.

Joy-Con’s hand must also have an infrared sensor for gesture control. And although the ability to turn into two separate hands is quite good, but Joy-Con must really use it very uncomfortably. This is something you should keep in mind.

The strap is not a bad idea to make sure you won’t carelessly throw Joy-Con on the screen in the climax. During the Wii, there were many such accidents that happened because players didn’t use the strap. Moreover, it also helps to shape the grip feeling a little more comfortable. However, you must be careful not to wear it backwards, since it will be very difficult to remove it at that time.

Online features

At this point, we can not know or system eShop account how activity. The simple reason that Nintendo is not “open” this feature at the time of writing. Therefore, whether Nintendo Switch supports online play right after launch or not has no answer.


The main screen interface of the Switch is quite similar to 3DS and very reasonable. When powered on, Swtich will have the same option as the quick selection menu on Wii U, with the option to allow you to play games right away or use the news, eShop and other links on the left.

Hopefully the information in this article will help you get the most comprehensive view of Nintendo’s console. If only for the completeness and features, I would say Switch is Nintendo’s best console since the GameCube. However, the game software problem seems to make players hesitant before deciding to hook most of the procession back early unless you’re a fan of the Legend of Zelda series.

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