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FINAL FANTASY VII is officially released on Nintendo Switch

Today is the release date for the Nintendo Switch game Final Fantasy VII. Right now you can buy and download to play. Nintendo will bring their famous titles to the Nintendo Switch platform.

The switch is now a system for ancient titles to polish their names. It is also an opportunity for people to experience their childhood.

Nintendo is committed to having extended functions such as:

  • 3x speed mode. Faster than normal.
  • Allows players to skip the unnecessary encounters.
  • And the company is committed to a more improved combat mode.

You can buy and download to enjoy this famous game.

FINAL FANTASY VII on Nintendo Switch platform 

FINAL FANTASY VII on Nintendo Switch platform

Details about FINAL FANTASY VII on Nintendo Switch platform

FINAL FANTASY VII: Platform Nintendo Switch

Release Date Mar 26, 2019
No. of Players 1 player
Category Role-Playing
Publisher Square Enix

You can order for $ 15.99 here

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