Google Assistant officially launched in Vietnam 2019

From today (May 6), Vietnamese users can use Vietnamese to order virtual assistant Google Assistant.

On May 6, in Ho Chi Minh City with the event “Hello Assistant Hello Vietnam”, Google officially launched the virtual assistant Google Assistant in Vietnam.

Since then, Vietnamese have been able to use their own language to provide voice commands or documents to order or query information on Google.

Google Assistant officially launched in Vietnam

Virtual Assistant Google Assistant officially launched in Vietnam

Google Assistant officially launched in Vietnam

Google Asistant Assistant was developed based on a two-decade cumulative experience of natural language processing technology, computer vision and contextual understanding that Google focused on research over time.
Thus, it can understand the meaning behind the words and process the next question, as well as complex tasks, many steps and this capability will be increasingly improved. Google assistants can learn user preferences, what likes and dislikes – all done privately and securely under control.

One thing to note is that with the support of the Vietnamese language, Google Assistant will become a powerful tool for the smart home (Smart Home) in the future, when the smart devices such as speakers , light bulbs, surveillance cameras, sockets … all use voice communication methods.

Vietnamese Google Asistant will be available on Android phones version 5.0 and above and on iOS version 9.1 and above from today.


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