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Plants vs. Zombies 3.1 – New Type and Many game modes


Plants vs. Zombies is a classic strategy game of its PopCap appear on both mobile platforms and PC, allowing users to play games angry fruit anytime, anywhere. Join the game Plants vs. Zombies players will have to grow the plants and fungi to kill the zombies frantically attacked his house.

The zombies are attacking throughout the city and they are looking for ways to enter the house to eat your brain and the last line against them is the trees and fruits in the garden.
Equipped with specialized zombie-like mutant plants such as pea plants, cherry bombs, you need to think fast and plant trees to stop the progress of dozens of zombie types. Your trees are very special and useful in the fight against zombies madness. By planting trees at the location right in the garden, you can resist the attack of countless zombies.

Series gamers into becoming saturated with similar gameplay. But Plants vs Zombies alone still has a special attraction for all ages of players that no goalkeeper game can do.

The Angry Fruit game has a simple gameplay but is addictive for many ages thanks to its replay value. 46 types of plants with enough attack functions, different defenses allow you to offer countless plans to build your garden to fight 26 kinds of weird zombies.

Each level of Plants vs Zomies will have the unique conditions that make for varied game play. There is a night monitor, daytime, fog or rain thunder. This will affect the plants that you can use as well as how to collect light.

Complete each level you will unlock new plants or interesting items. You will feel extremely excited to discover their unique abilities. Increase your gardening skills, with help occasional neighbor Crazy Dave, you’ll have to get sunlight to plant trees in order to destroy the destructive purposes of soldier involved in the game Plants vs Zombies Zombies.

If you liked the style of humor uncle Zombie Zombie Tsunami surely the design of Plants vs. Zombies will make you satisfied.
Another attraction in the game Angry Fruit that is designed images of plants and zombies extremely unique. All kinds of plants are very expressive, angry, and very lively. Also the type determination is very funny live contrary to the image of the zombies in the game disgust as zombie or horror game Left 4 Dead 2 as, Resident Evil or Warrior Cemetery.
You’ll laugh when seeing Jackson style dancing zombie or zombie wearing riding dolphins swimming and humor …

Many game modes in Plants Vs. Zombies
Fruit game Angry Plants Vs. Zombies provide a lot of attractive game modes for you to choose from.

Adventure mode:
This mode has 50 games, including 5 scenes: Daytime, Nighttime (more tombstones appear), Morning pool, Evening pool and Roof

In each scene, there are 10 stages in which there are 2 special games.

Mini-Games mode:
In this mode mini-games will have 20 extremely interesting. If you win one of those displays, the player will be awarded a trophy. To unlock the next screen, you must win the gold cup.

Survival mode:
In this mode, you will have to overcome 10 small mini-games and this time zombies will not only eat plants but also fire bullets on your side.

Zen Garden nursery mode:
This mode allows players to relax and rest in the trees to get money. You can get trees when playing and buy in Crazy Dave’s store.

Types of plants in the angry fruit game Plant vs Zombies

Sunflower: Some plants help create the sun to score

A pea flower on land: The terrestrial plants will shoot zombies when they enter

Flowers perched under the water: Underwater plants will shoot zombies as they enter

Ice Bean Flower: Shooting ice beans slows down the zombie’s movement

Cherry: Explosive mine type within 9 squares

Small potatoes: Effect of blocking the way of the devil

Large potatoes: potatoes help roadblocks demon type but more durable and healthy

Fixed mine: This is a special type of potato will explode when was “ripe” and zombies being stepped on

Cactus: Specialized to destroy demons hanging balloons

The shovel: specialized in the type of plants grown in the wrong place

Some main zombies in the game Zombies vs. Plant

Normal Zombie: is a type of demon without weapons, will be taken down easily
Zombie team bucket: is a type of devil that is harder to beat because of a protective bucket
Flag-holding zombies: zombies take the flag, lead zombies to attack, similar to ordinary demons
Zombie read newspaper: It is harder to destroy than the bucket of zombies because there is a security newspaper, it will speed up if the newspaper is torn
Pole jumping athlete: The type of bird holding a pole, can pass small potatoes
Rugby athletes: It can kill small potatoes with just one blow

Requirements for game Plants vs. configuration. Zombies

  • Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7
  • Processor: Intel Core Duo 1.2+ GHz MHz or higher
  • RAM: 512+ MB.
  • Empty hard drive: 50+ MB.
  • Video: 64 + MB.
  • Does not work in 256 color mode.
  • Keyboard and mouse.

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