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Funny, free survival shooter – POBA Battlegrounds – Review

  • Release: Akashic Games
  • Use: Free
  • Capacity: 24.4 MB
  • Update day: 
  • Requirements: Windows 10

POBA Battlegrounds is a brand new survival shooter. In the a third perspective and impressive polygonal graphics combined with very hot Battle Royale gameplay, POBA promises to create a new breakthrough.

Battle Royale – the life-and-death arena is the most talked about game in the last few years. Besides the familiar names like PUBG , RoS , Fortnite …, many game companies have recently produced “copycat” titles such as Metro Exodus , The Ark of Horizon … and POBA Battlegrounds are also a new option to try.

POBA Battlegrounds is also known as POBA or Polygonal Battlefield . The uniqueness of this game is  you can design your own character to fight – that means changing the look and clothes of the character easily. Even, the game also mixes funny elements when creating “cool” headgear hats for players.

Take advantage of the massive POBA Battlegrounds game arsenal for Windows 10 to defeat other opponents, eliminate each target around the world and become the last survivor. Don’t forget to use different character classes to own new weapons, help you gain advantage in this mortal arena.

Game features POBA Battlegrounds

  • Survival shooter 3rd person perspective.
  • Customize the appearance of the character as you like.
  • 5 character classes corresponding to the unique set of weapons to choose from.

If you love survival shooter like PUBG, you will have plenty of options at this time. However, POBA Battlegrounds still have their own advantages to compete with rivals such as compact, free, unique polygon graphics, powerful character customization, new gameplay …
With dozens of such plus points, there is no reason that you do not download POBA and experience today!

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