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PUBG – Asia still gathers a lot of fans and they pay the most

Recently, PUBG Corp., the father of the ultimate PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, announced its financial figures in 2018 recently. Bluehole (PUBG Corp.’s parent company) has reportedly pocketed $ 920 million only in 2018.

The total after-tax profit and after deducting other expenses still reached a respectable figure of 310 million USD. It is noteworthy that PUBG PC’s revenue still holds the highest position of all platforms, earning $ 790 million, much higher than the console platform, which brings in only $ 60 million in revenue.

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile’s revenue only reached $ 65 million, but actually this number is only the license fee and the license fee of Tencent returned to Bluehole, and most of PUBG Mobile’s profits have been Tencent bag already.

Asia is the largest market, accounting for 53% of PUBG’s total revenue, followed by the North American market, and the lowest profit region is Europe. Those who still regularly play PUBG can realize the heat of the game is rapidly declining in Western soil, and it is obvious that the Asian market will be pushed up, replacing the North American market.

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