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Clash Cardboard for iOS – Game Battle Royale – Funny

  • Release: NetEase Games
  • Version:1.1
  • Use:Free
  • Capacity:463.2 MB
  • Update day:
  • Requirements: iOS 9.x / 10.x / 11.x / 12.x

Cardboard Clash for iOS is a survival shooter with fun cartoon graphics from NetEase with characters designed from unique and beautiful cardboard.

The Cardboard Clash iOS is Battle Royale’s sandbox game developed by NetEase Games , which has unique characteristics that make it stand out among the current titles. Become one of the characters designed from odd and funny cardboard, then enter the battle to destroy other players with top-down views in the intense 5-minute battles.

The intuitive control mechanism allows you to easily guide your character to move, pick up equipment and fight against 30 other players in the fiery arena. Basically, similar to PUBG Mobile or Fortnite for iOS , the player’s goal in Cardboard Clash for iOS is to find ways to survive.

Players can pick up any equipment, items, unlock unique skills for each character, shoot, loot, and use creative tactics to win. Don’t forget to team up and join ranking matches to experience even more thrill and sensation. The amazing World Cardboard Clash iOS is waiting for you to discover.

Cartoon style graphics

Artistic style of iOS Cardboard Clash for colorful and fun. Players can create their own characters using various types of cardboard, then cover the paint to their liking. You can create cute, handsome or pitiful characters.

The game focuses on content creation and offers many options for players to freely design characters. Many objects and terrain in the game can be destroyed, making your game discovery experience more enjoyable.

Flexible and thrilling gameplay

Cardboard Clash for iOS is a top-down shooting game instead of TPS often seen with terrain and wreck-able objects. The game takes you to fast-paced matches and short game times. The 2 joysticks on the screen let you control the character more sensitive and accurate, as well as smoother shooting. The combination of a variety of weapons and skills with a multitude of different features creates many attractive game styles.

The main feature of Cardboard Clash for iOS

Customize your character appearance

Discover countless cute characters. Each character possesses his own personality, stats and skills. From lovely looks to ancient souls.

Simple control, exciting battle

The 2.5D battle and the double joystick system allow you to shoot easily. Get ready to attack and defend throughout the intense and vibrant battle. Nestled in the grass, use teleportation and take advantage of the terrain to show your talents and become the last survivor.

Loot, shoot and survive

NetEase took the excitement and tension of Battle Royale and compressed it into a frenzied 5-minute clash. This is the perfect choice when you have only a few minutes of free time.

Discover rich skills and arsenal

Cola guns, pans, durian bombs? Choose as you like. Many skills and talents can be put together to create destructive combos. There are no best or worst weapons, effective or winning depending on how you use them. Conquer the battlefield with a perfect tactic . Build an ideal team and be ready to confront the most powerful enemies.

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