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Cut My Rope 3D Free Download

  • Release: BitMango Games
  • Use:Free
  • Capacity:22.7 MB
  • Update day:
  • Requirements: Windows 10

Inspired by the rope cutting series – Cut the Rope world famous, fun intellectual game Cut My Rope 3D was born, giving you a new atmosphere and familiar gameplay.

Cut My Rope 3D is designed exclusively for Windows 10. This is a fun game based on real physical mechanisms. Your task is to feed the hungry Om Nom monster by cutting the rope wisely. Om Nom just arrived on earth and it is very hungry. But this time, he didn’t want to eat candy, but the famous Sushi dish of the mourning. With Japanese restaurant scene, cut the rope and put Sushi in Om Nom’s mouth to complete each level with increasing difficulty.

In the game Cut My Rope 3D for Windows 10, players will accompany the adventure of Om Nom adventure intellectual style puzzle. This game is completely free with cute graphics and not too complicated gameplay, suitable for everyone including children!

Swipe your finger on the touch screen or use the mouse to cut the rope. Observe when the rope dangles and try to put the piece of Sushi into the mouth of the monster. If you love the game “brain damage” like Where’s My Water ?, you will also be excited with Cut My Rope 3D right from the first screen play.

Cut My Rope 3D game features

  • Background is a traditional, quiet and elegant Japanese Sushi restaurant.
  • Vivid effects based on stories.
  • Interesting rope cutting mechanism.
  • More than 25 levels have increasing difficulty to challenge players.
  • There is an interactive tutorial from Om Nom Stories.

Cut My Rope 3D is a game that requires calculation, dexterity and intelligence of each player. Game is not limited to time, you can play anytime, anywhere or play again until you get the best results.

As an offline game, Cut My Rope 3D allows experience without an Internet connection, very convenient for you to entertain on the train or when traveling. Sweet graphics and lovely pictures will definitely convince players, especially girlfriends and children!

Note: this is the “follow-up” version of the Cut the Rope series, so there is no connection with Cut the Rope versions and developer ZeptoLab.

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