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Linode Coupon March 2019 – Promotion of up to $ 20 USD Credit

In this article, IoCloud will introduce you to one of the extremely reputable and affordable Cloud Server providers, which is Linode.

Linode was founded in June 2003 by founder Christopher S. Aker. Linode is one of the four largest cloud hosting providers in the top 10,000 websites according to Alexa ranking tool, just behind Amazon, Rackspace and IBM. In Vietnam, Linode is being used by many websites using Vultr, Digitalocean …

Linode offers a service with attractive prices, only from $ 5 USD / month, you will own a terrible configuration Cloud VPS with 1GB RAM, 1 CPU, 25GB SSD storage, 1TB bandwidth. Especially Linode has servers located in Tokyo and Singapore. In addition, Linode provides many discount codes for new registration accounts to try out their services. You can register Linode account here.

1. Linode Coupon Code – Linode discount code in March 2019

  1. LINODE10 Free $ 10 USD Credit
  2. DOCS10 Free $ 10 USD Credit
  3. PodcastInIt2017 Free $ 20 USD Credit
  4. bootstrapped2017 Free $ 20 USD Credit
  5. developertea2017 Free $ 20 USD Credit
  6. atp2018 Free $ 20 USD Credit
  7. analogue2018 Free $ 20 USD Credit
  8. material2018 Free $ 20 USD Credit
  9. clockwise2018 Free $ 20 USD Credit

2. Advantages of Cloud Server service
+ Using SSD storage hard drive
+ Transmission line using 40Gbit network port for input data and 1Gbit for output data
+ Using the latest Intel processor: (Intel E5 processors)
+ Simple Cloud VPS management and control system easy to use
+ Provide API
+ Remote management by command line
+ There are 9 Datacenter located in USA, Europe, Asia.
+ Datacenter in Singapore and Japan for Asian customers

3. Price of Cloud VPS packages
Note: From 18/05/2018, Linode officially raises resources (vCPU, RAM, Storage) for all Cloud VPS packages. If you are already a Linode client, you can upgrade your virtual machine at the Linode admin page.

You can visit here:

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